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The Quads

“After lunching on seafood and delicious salads, I watched sea eagles diving from cliffs...”

Lisa Grainger, The Times

“Lobster, salmon and venison are all found on our doorstep.”

Willie MacDonald

“Perhaps most impressive of all is the wine cellar, which Coffey intends to make the finest in Scotland... ”

Dining at Ardfin

Dining at Ardfin

Scotland is known for its vast array of the finest ingredients, from shellfish, lobster and salmon, to loch trout, beef and, of course, our own venison.

Ardfin's cuisine is based on the freshest, locally sourced and foraged, ingredients which are treated with passion and complete respect for taste and flavour. Often the simplest dishes are the most popular, with simply grilled lobster and chargrilled venison steaks epitomising the cuisine. So whether our guests want simple or intricate, each menu can be tantalisingly shaped to meet individual preferences. The Ceilidh Barn offers a more formal experience, for those who prefer a more structured menu.