Jura House

The Quads

“It's safe to say that anyone who goes to Ardfin will never forget it.”

David Jones UKGolfGuy.com

“At times I was almost overwhelmed.”

David Jones UKGolfGuy.com

“I can talk all day about the experience”

The Estate

The Estate

Ardfin is a place where you can escape to and reconnect with nature. With 12,000 acres of beautiful private wilderness on the Isle of Jura (population 230), including 10 miles of unspoilt shoreline, you can spend a day without seeing another soul; just plenty of wildlife including whales and dolphins.

A decade-long transformation has shaped the estate, with a world-class golf course carved along the shoreline and 5-star hotel providing luxurious accommodation for golfers and nature lovers alike, with ever-present mesmerising sea views and Islay in the distance. 

The Estate Gallery

the approach

rugged moorland scenery

beach house bay

red stag above 7th

view across the water

young red stag

ragged Jura coastline

sunrise over the  sound

boathouse and beach

estate view sound of jura

The estate manager

The estate manager

Willie MacDonald is a Jura boy born and bred and even more so he is an Ardfin boy, as both his father and his grandfather were the Factors of Ardfin. Willie's knowledge of Ardfin and its history is matched only by his love of the estate, and his wisdom of the hill and mountains which he has explored all his life.